Sarah and Ryan C. – Lakeville

Selling our first family home was not something that we were fully excited about.  Although our home was everything we wanted ten years ago, our needs became greater with our young family.  Kim and Cameron came to our home to discuss what the market was like, what other houses were selling for and most importantly, to give us realistic advice about what someone would pay for our house.  They showed so much compassion, taking our mixed emotions into account.  They gave us great professional advice while understanding our wants and needs.  Our house was perfectly priced and sold within a few months.  A few years later we were again looking into the Real Estate world.  We wouldn’t have called anyone other that Kim and Cameron.   When finding our new home, they again shared their opinions and expertise with us, while listening to our wants and needs.  They were the realists while we were the dreamers.  Somehow, they seemed to know exactly what we (both Ryan and I) were looking for (every detail).  Knowing their busy schedules, it amazes me how they treat their clients.  They treat each client like they are their one and only.  They were there with every question and concern we had.  I can’t thank Kim and Cameron enough for helping us find our “perfect” home.  We are closing in just two days!

Sarah and Ryan Cruz- Lakeville, Ma