Jess and Rob A. Abington (Bristol and Plymouth Counties)

This past year my wife and I decided to attempt to join the ranks of homeowners and purchase our own piece of paradise. After painstakingly seeing multiple places and dealing with several realtors we quickly became jaded to the process. The realtors would pressure us into buying houses that we either had no business affording or clearly did not like. We thought it was a fluke but after dealing with it multiple times in a row we quickly became discouraged.

That is until we met Cam and Kim. We toured a house they were showing and their vibrant personalities made it so easy to get along with them. They were attentive to our needs and wants even when it came to a house they were selling themselves! After our visit we decided to use them full time as our agents and what a pleasure it was. The process itself is no doubt discouraging, difficult and at some times very painful but Cam and Kim made it all substantially better for us. Not once in the entire search did we feel pressured to buy a place we were uncomfortable with.

On top of having great personalities, a rarity for their line of work, they had a substantial amount of knowledge to back it up. Through their experience in building houses, selling houses, inspecting houses and much more they have clearly spent their lives building a deep knowledge for their work. For people who employ a laid back attitude they were still nothing but professional when it came to the purchase process. We can’t say enough good things about Kim and Cam and appreciated getting to work with them. If we had to do the purchase again there is no doubt in our mind that we would give our business to Kim and Cam and we recommend them with the absolute highest possible regard.

Thanks to you two for the great service and we wish you nothing but the best in the future of your business!

George – Duxbury/Easton

Cameron West of the Kim West Real Estate Co. in East Bridgewater, MA was recommended by our lawyer to sell a problem property in a rising rate/ inflationary market. Three previous attempts to sell our property by well known Real Estate Brokers in our area failed for various reasons – all tied to small town red tape & resistance to change.

Through exceptional professionalism, diligence, excellent communication with all parties to the sale of our property, Cameron obtained multiple offers. With his guidance on value and likely successful completion of the sale, we obtained a reasonable offer and the peace of mind we sought for our last real estate investment property. He also, as a personal service to us, delivered all funds due us on the day of the passing.

We will never use any one other than Cameron in the future and we,now, highly recommend only Cameron to our family and friends for their brokerage needs.

George, Duxbury, MA

Hear from D.T. -A South Shore client

We had a friend / professional recommend  Cam West to help sell a house we owned in town different from ours , that 3 realtors over time – failed .  The town seemed overly involved in any changes / developments to the property for any potential buyers…. making the sale seem impossible to progress. 

Cam accepted to sell the property with enthusiasm.  He was honest, quickly responsive to potential buyers – talked with town officials concerning properties’s

development scenarios.   Weeded out the tire  kickers with grace & presented only buyers with credible qualifications & intentions.

Cam was extremely patient as we weighed our options seeing we were dealing with family health challenges as well as processing needed decisions.  When we decided on a buyer – he helped fascilitate the sale quickly – providing e-signing for the offer & purchase & sale agreements ….working very smoothly with the law firm handling all documents  needed in the closing. 

He then brought the deed & all papers for us to sign  – delivered them to the appropriate law firms involved….fielded & solved town municipal liens obstruction…

to clear all for a quick passing a day early …. Then hand delivered all payouts….

that afternoon.

Should one need a caring , knowledgeable, responsible, congenial, honest real estate agent to represent you to sell or purchase a property – be it a ‘  Castle ‘ or a 

‘ White- Elephant ‘  Cam with the help of all at Kim West Realty will * successfully *

—>….GET   IT    DONE… !!      Happy to be on record…. A job more than – Well Done..;)

South Shore Resident – Massachusetts

Melissa and Bob – Freetown

My wife and I used Kim and Cam to help us find a home for our family. Kim and Cam provided us with excellent, unbiased service throughout the process. They are a great 1-2 punch! Kim provided deep real estate experience, while Cam, being a builder and realtor, provided in detailed insight on the home’s construction. They were always patient and available, and we never felt pushed to buy a home. They provided us with VERY in-depth info and allowed us to decide what was best. I would highly recommend Kim West Realty to anyone I know!!

Beth and Matt R – Weymouth Read what they have to say about Meghan!

My husband and I recently closed on the purchase of our new home a few weeks ago. Our agent was Meghan Chase with Kim West. We cannot say enough about our positive experience with Meghan. I know that Meghan has a busy work and life schedule especially with two little ones at home. However, she always made us feel like a top priority. Any time we wanted to go look at a house, Meghan would always make herself available to meet us there. Whenever we had a question about something, she got back to us instantly. The level of customer service from Meghan is nothing short of outstanding. One day in particular we had a number of houses we wanted to go look at. Despite having no rest the night before from taking care of one of her kids who had been ill, she was there first thing in the morning to meet us at our first house. That’s what I call dedication! Kim and Cam were also readily available to help us as well. It was very re-assuring to know we had a whole team ready to help us negotiate our way through everything. At closing, Meghan even went the extra mile to help secure documentation that needed to go on record – and she even gave us a generous gift! If you are looking to buy or sell your home, go with Meghan and Kim West Real Estate. You can be assured they will take great care of you! Thank you Meghan! Beth and Matt R. – Weymouth

Lori M. – Weymouth

My husband and I recently had to part with his childhood home due to the passing of his parents. 
We approached this thinking it was going to be a very long, difficult road. However, thanks to Meghan Chase this transaction went quickly. Not only did she act quickly with scheduling an open house, which turned into several offers. She took our personal feelings into consideration and handled everything as if she was part of our family. We will be forever great full to Meghan for her personal touch and thoughtfulness during our difficult time. The Mathi Family

A nice testimonial from our friend Billy B!

The Wests are awesome !! Kim , Cam , and Cam made buying our house super easy and fun. The knowledge and experience they provided helped us with every step of the process. I highly recommend team West!!

William B.


See what Hiolanda has to say!


I’ve worked with Kim West Real Estate for the past six years because the service provided has always been exceptional and professional. They have a vast knowledge of the market and real estate laws. They also are a great source for qualified, professionals. Through their vast network, they are able to recommend and connect you with the best mortgage lenders, attorneys, contractors and others to help with all aspects of the home buying or selling process.

Kim and Cam are a great team. The response time for questions or concerns is extremely quick – no matter the time of day, or day of week, they respond immediately. Cam West is always available to answer questions regarding home maintenance or home improvement ideas because of his solid home building and construction background. When Cam has accompanied me on a home inspection or a final walk-through, I’ve learned to take notes because the information he provides is valuable. Even after the sale they are available to answer questions or provide real estate advice which helps to increase the value of your home.

You get a team that will protect your best interest with Kim and Cam West. They will guide you to find the best possible home and a worthwhile investment. I would highly recommend the agency to anyone looking for the best experience with a home purchase or sale.

Hiolanda G.

East Bridgewater

Stephen F. – Whitman/Pembroke

I signed on with Kim West Real Estate to assist with the sale of my Dad’s home in 2014.  (I was the Executor for the estate) I have recommended them to my family and friends and will continue to do so.  They did a great job in helping me through the entire process.  They were extremely helpful from the start and more helpful than I expected even after the sale was complete and papers passed. (they prepared information for me regarding income taxes).

I highly recommend Kim West Real Estate.

Stephen F.

Sarah and Ryan C. – Lakeville

Selling our first family home was not something that we were fully excited about.  Although our home was everything we wanted ten years ago, our needs became greater with our young family.  Kim and Cameron came to our home to discuss what the market was like, what other houses were selling for and most importantly, to give us realistic advice about what someone would pay for our house.  They showed so much compassion, taking our mixed emotions into account.  They gave us great professional advice while understanding our wants and needs.  Our house was perfectly priced and sold within a few months.  A few years later we were again looking into the Real Estate world.  We wouldn’t have called anyone other that Kim and Cameron.   When finding our new home, they again shared their opinions and expertise with us, while listening to our wants and needs.  They were the realists while we were the dreamers.  Somehow, they seemed to know exactly what we (both Ryan and I) were looking for (every detail).  Knowing their busy schedules, it amazes me how they treat their clients.  They treat each client like they are their one and only.  They were there with every question and concern we had.  I can’t thank Kim and Cameron enough for helping us find our “perfect” home.  We are closing in just two days!

Sarah and Ryan Cruz- Lakeville, Ma